Become a Puppy Trainer

Volunteer puppy trainers are vital to the Paws with Purpose mission. To be a puppy trainer, you must have a love for dogs and the commitment to include the raising of one of our dogs in your home. Don’t worry, prior puppy/dog training is NOT necessary! PwP provides regular training classes for all of our part-time puppy trainers and their current dogs.

What is involved? The families and individuals who serve as part-time puppy trainers provide a means to house, train and nurture Paws with Purpose Assistance dogs-in-training. Our trainers pick up their puppies at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women (KCIW) and provide socialization and distraction training. Part-time puppy trainers then provide feedback to the dog’s inmate handler to help assist her with developing a plan for continued training.

If you feel that becoming a puppy trainer is right for you, please complete the puppy trainer application. The PwP training coordinator will contact you to discuss the next step!

Please email your scanned application to , or mail to:

Paws with Purpose
P.O. Box 5458
Louisville, KY 40255